We believe that effective design is the result of curious minds and passionate collaborators.


Vesna is a Martha's Vineyard-based graphic and web designer. She's committed to working with clients to translate their stories, values, and business goals into thoughtful design solutions. She dives deep and gets to know each client she works with to develop visual solutions effectively to communicate with their audiences. She holds a degree in Graphic Engineering and Design with a BSc (Hons) from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. She enjoys hiking, traveling, keeping her plants alive, and all things creative when away from her desk.


We believe a brand's core and values are essential to its design. Refined and proven over the years, our strategy-first process ensures seamless collaboration, ample communication, actionable feedback, and unmistakably creative work.


We collaboarate with a talented group of local developers, photographers, copywriters, illustrators, and printers. As a result of our collaboration, our little design studio is always able to bring the client's vision to life.

We believe in

Creativity, compassion, education, sustainability, and amongst others power of community. For that reason we are passionate about using design for good and providing financial and/or in-kind support to different organizations.

Island Food Pantry

This is what we do

  • Brand Identity·
  • Web Design·
  • Custom Photography·
  • Strategy·
  • Packaging·
  • Print

*If there is something else you might need that is not listed above feel free to reach out.