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The Martha's Vineyard Film Festival is an annual cultural event held on Martha's Vineyard. The festival has been a cherished tradition for over two decades, attracting film enthusiasts and artists from far and wide.

What sets the Martha's Vineyard Film Festival apart is its commitment to creating a welcoming, community-driven atmosphere. The festival's themes may vary from year to year, reflecting current societal issues, cinematic trends, and cultural influences. 

For the latest edition of the festival, we drew inspiration from the captivating beauty, rural character, and tight-knit creative community of West Tisbury. Our design approach marries muted green tones with a lively pop of yellow, capturing the spirit of this charming town. While preserving the festival's iconic black and white theme, we expanded the color palette to pay homage to Vineyard sunsets, West Tisbury's farmland, and woodlands, while connecting with the island's up-island farming traditions.

Under the umbrella of Circuit Arts, the festival introduced an array of engaging workshops, thought-provoking discussions, captivating live performances, and inspiring events.
Vesna Design Studio had the privilege of crafting promotional materials that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the overall festival experience.